About Me

Hello, my name is Will Hollis Snider, and I am a photographer residing in Austin, Texas. As you’ve probably already noticed, I dabble in almost all forms of photography, but in the past few years a love has grown for photographing weddings.

My first foray into the world of photography began when I purchased my first DSLR so I could take high quality publicity photos and production stills of the plays that I direct and produce. After photographing a few of my plays and honing my style as a photographer, friends and family began taking notice and started asking me if I would take headshots for them or if I would photograph their weddings. It has only snowballed from there. I have now photographed over three dozen weddings and that number will probably double in the next two years.

I love capturing the raw emotion of moments. Pretty pictures of pretty people aren’t always enough. I like my photos to say something, pictures that tell a story. I believe this desire comes from my background in the theatre and my desire to tell stories in every way possible. I've found that photographing weddings fills that desire for me. Every wedding and couple is different, and after photographing my first few weddings, I was hooked. I still find myself constantly experimenting and finding new ways to best tell the story of every wedding. I’ve become good friends with many of my past clients and I always look forward to meeting new people at every wedding I photograph.

If you like what you see and are interested in booking me for your wedding, event or other type of session, you’ll find my email on the contact page. I typically respond in 1-2 business days. I really look forward to meeting you!